Insurance Administrative Solutions, Insurance TPA A Leading Provider of Third Party Insurance Solutions

A Leading Provider of Third Party Solutions

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Insurance Administrative Solutions


A Leading Provider of Third Party Administrative Solutions 

Insurance Administrative Solutions (IAS) sets the industry standard for seamless administrative solutions for all of your life, health, and Medicare Supplement lines of business.  Our highly trained staff handles all of your business process outsourcing, from premium billing and collecting to technology development and support. We also manage commissions, state filings, and compliance – whatever you need, we are there.

The challenges you face are unique to your company.  That is why IAS’s time–tested third party administration platform is built to adapt to your company’s unique needs rather than forcing you to adapt to ours.

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IAS by the Numbers


  • 330,000 Policyholders Covered
  • Over 5 Million Claims Processed Annually
  • 98% or Better Claims Processing Accuracy
  • $325 Million Annual Premiums Managed
  • 98% Payment and Financial Accuracy
  • 420,000 Average Claims Processed Monthly
  • Over 25 Successfully Completed Major In Force Block Conversions Covering 300,000+ Policies

Management & Staff Experience

  • 7.5 Years Employee Average Years of Service
  • 25 Years Manager Average Insurance Experience
  • 14 Years Claims Examiner Average Experience
  • 20 Years IT Expert Average Experience
  • 130 Years Compliance Team Combined Experience
  • 250 Years Management Team Combined Experience

Why Insurance Administrative Solutions?  

We offer unrivaled product line administration expertise to help you lower expenses, enhance compliance, and focus on your core competencies. By lowering costs and increasing efficiencies, you will experience greater profitability. Plus, our sophisticated proprietary technology and processes give you more capabilities and enhanced accuracy.

    Realize Monetary Benefits

  • Reduce Labor and Operating Costs
  • Boost Revenues and Profit Margins
  • Improve Sales Closing Ratios
  • Increase Retention
  • Save Resources by Focusing on Your Core Competencies
  • Offer New and Improved Products to Meet Clients Demand

    Beyond Price

  • Gain much more from outsourcing than reducing administrative and overhead costs.
  • Partner with IAS to transform your insurance operations:
  • Respond to Market and Regulatory Changes with Agility
  • Enhance Customer Service
  • Manage Growth
  • Improve Risk Control Mechanisms
  • Boost Your Quality Control
  • Increase Speed-to-Market for New Products


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